Deloitte Ventures Leads $2.5 Million Investment in Prograd to Empower Gen-Zers with Financial Literacy

Deloitte Ventures Leads $2.5 Million Investment in Prograd to Empower Gen-Zers with Financial Literacy

Today, Prograd has announced its $2.5 million seed round of investment led by Deloitte Ventures. The funding will be used to increase the company’s marketing and development capabilities, expand its digital presence, release an app, and improve algorithms and products. Founded in London by recent university graduates Ethan Fraenkel and Marco Logiudice, Prograd’s mission is to reduce financial illiteracy amongst Gen-Zers across the world. After experiencing difficulty finding sustainable finances to cover university fees, they realised how little they knew about personal finance, so set out to create a platform which allows users to set financial goals and find paths to reaching them through earning, saving or borrowing. Since August 2022 over 15k users have taken advantage of Prograd’s services to understand their personal finances better and access earning, savings and credit opportunities from leading providers such as Santander, Revolut, Starling and Fiverr. With today’s substantial seed round secured, Prograd is on track to make personal finance simple for many more young people across the globe.


  • Prograd has announced a $2.5m seed round
  • The company provides users with personalised paths to earning, saving or borrowing their way to financial goals
  • Since launching in August 2022, Prograd’s has helped over 15k users improve their financial situation

What types of investment did Prograd receive for its $2.5m seed round?

Prograd’s $2.5m seed round included investment from Deloitte Ventures, Techstars, ZAKA Ventures, AGAM, Mandeep Singh founder of Trouva, and new and existing angel investors.

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