RWE’s Gazules Project: A 92MW Solar Park with Bifacial Solar Cells in Spain

RWE’s Gazules Project: A 92MW Solar Park with Bifacial Solar Cells in Spain

Renewable energy company RWE recently announced the start of construction for its Gazules project, a solar park comprising two parts: Gazules 1 and 2. Each section will have an output of 46MW, resulting in a total capacity of 92MW when combined. Located in Cádiz in Spain, the 140-hectare installation will include bifacial solar cells – double-sided modules with a second pane on the back which harnesses indirect light from reflected rays. This increases yield and efficiency of the system. This is part of a larger expansion plan for Spain, with RWE now at 250MW following recent commissions such as Casa Valdes near Madrid (44MW) and Las Vaguadas/Puerta del Sol (54MW). CEO Katja Wünschel for RWE’s Onshore Wind and Solar Europe & Australia commented positively on its progress: “Five new solar farms in less than two years is a great track record”. Full commissioning of Gazules I is expected by year’s end 2023.


  • RWE has started construction of a 92MW solar project, in the province of Cádiz, Spain.
  • Approximately 240,000 bifacial modules will be installed on a total area of 140 hectares.
  • At the end of last year, RWE commissioned its 44 MW solar park Casa Valdes near Madrid.

What is the total solar capacity of RWE in Spain following the commissioning of Gazules at the end of 2023?

At the end of 2023, RWE will have a total solar capacity of around 250MW in Spain.

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Picture source: Andreas Gücklhorn

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