Aviva Investors Sells Iconic Manchester Corn Exchange for £43m

Aviva Investors Sells Iconic Manchester Corn Exchange for £43m

The sale of the building marks a significant milestone for Aviva Investors, with the proceeds likely to be used to purchase other investments. The iconic Corn Exchange, located in the Medieval Quarter of Manchester city centre, has been sold by giant investment company Aviva. JLL and KLM Real Estate were jointly marketing the property at an estimated price of £43m before it was acquired by Aviva Investors. Built in 1837, the Corn Exchange is now a modern leisure destination and apart-hotel run by Roomzzz. With tenants such as Benyan, The Cosy Club, Pizza Express, Pho, and Mowgli also based there, it’s no wonder that this iconic building had so much attention from investors! Aviva originally bought the property in 2005 from Blackstone Group and Milligan Retail Resorts for £67m. Now that the sale has been made, those funds are set to be used for other investments.


  • Aviva Investors has disposed of the Manchester Corn Exchange for around £43m.
  • The building, which was built in 1837, is now a leisure destination and apart-hotel.
  • Aviva’s Norwich Property Trust originally bought the Corn Exchange from Blackstone Group and Milligan Retail Resorts in 2005 for £67m.

What entity purchased the Manchester Corn Exchange from Aviva Investors in 2020?

Aviva Investors sold the Manchester Corn Exchange to an unknown entity in 2020.

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Picture source: William McCue

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